Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs)

RGGOs are electronic “certificates” which are issued, transferred, and retired within the GGCSs Registration Database. Each one represents 1 kWh of green gas and they are issued as batches according to the characteristics of the gas produced across a given time period by a producer. For biomethane RGGOs are generally issued quarterly and labelled by the biomass classification of the inputs e.g. product (crop), residue or waste.

RGGOs describe the characteristics of the gas injected according to the following fields:

  • Identity of the producer including:
    • Plant Name
    • Address
    • Commissioning Date
    • Capacity
    • RHI number
    • Production Process i.e. Anaerobic Digestion
    • Type of Gas Produced i.e. Biomethane

  • Dates of injection
    • For RGGOs issued before August 2020, this information is represented by the Month and Year in which the quarter of injection ended. This “quarter of injection” can be a three-month period starting on any date.
    • For RGGOs issued after August 2020, this information is displayed as a start and end date of injection

  • Biomass information by individual biomass and classification of that biomass as a waste, residue, or product/co-product

  • Production Support - yes or no
    • Production support is considered to be any financial reward given to the producer by a national government for the production of the green gas. It does not include any reward given via obligation schemes such as the UK RTFO

  • Sustainability Criteria Met
    • The vast majority of UK biomethane meets the non-domestic RHI criteria and, in the future, the GGSS criteria
    • Alternative and equivalent robust criteria may also be met e.g. the RTFO criteria
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