Participant categories of the Green Gas Certification Scheme

Gas Producers

Gas producers hold accounts on the GGCS Registration Database where they are issued RGGOs based on the amount of green gas they have produced. RGGOs can be transferred to any GGCS Trader account, but RGGOs cannot be transferred into a GGCS Producer account. Gas producers must provide the GGCS robust evidence of their green gas production and independent verification of all their meter readings and GHG calculations.

Account Holders (Traders)

Organisations with an interest in trading RGGOs and allocating them to end-consumers can open GGCS Trader accounts on the Registration Database. These organisations include gas shippers, gas suppliers, commodity traders and environmental consultants. Gas consumers who which to engage more closely with the market may also open Trader accounts.

Trader accounts have the function of receiving RGGOs from Producers and other Trader accounts, transferring RGGOs to other Trader accounts, and retiring RGGOs and allocating them to end-use consumers.

Associate Members

Organisations which do not produce green gas or wish to operate a trading account may particate in the Scheme as Associate Members. They do not have accounts in the Registration Database to transfer or retire RGGOs, but they become part of our Oversight Panel and may describe themselves as members of the Scheme. Commodity brokers who are restricted from actually operating trading accounts may wish to become Associate Members, as may owners of gas infrastructure assets who do not trade gas or its related products, but have an interest in how green gas is developing as a sector.

Founder Partners and Associate Members:
British Gas
Thames Water
Milton Keynes Council
National Grid
CNG Services Ltd