About your certificate

Decoding the information contained on your certificate

The GGCS IS system labels electronically each kWh of green gas with a unique identifier known as a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO), rounded to the nearest kWh. This identifier contains information in code form about:

  • the technology by which it was produced (biogas from AD, landfill gas, ‘syngas’ from gasification)
  • in the case of biogas, the predominant feedstock from which it was derived (sewage sludge, food, agricultural activities, industrial waste water treatment, municipal solid waste, other feedstocks and a combination of these feedstocks)
  • the month and year in which it was produced (MM/YY)
  • the country in which it was produced (England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland)
  • the registered producer
  • the kWh number, or sequence or range of kWhs relating to that producer’s green gas.

The RGGO is in the following format (an example):

G     0001     BF     00000001     E     0211

The first part tells you that this is green gas, the next part tells you the identity of the producer, the next part tells you the technology by which the gas was produced, the next part the kWh out of the total injected by that producer in that period, the next part the country in which the producer is located and the final part the month and year in which the gas was injected into the grid.

The relevant technology and feedstock codes in the identifiers are:

BABiogas from agricultural activities
BFBiogas from food waste
BMBiogas from municipal solid waste
BSBiogas from domestic waste water treatment
BWBiogas from industrial waste water treatment
BCBiogas from a combination of these feedstocks
BXBiogas from other feedstocks
LGLandfill Gas

The registered producers and their codes are:

0028AB Agri Ltd
0002Adnams Bio Energy Limited
0009Bishops Cleeve Biogas Plant
0035Burton Agnes Renewables
0023Cannington Enterprises Ltd
0025Condate Biogas Limited (Ixora Energy)
0018Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
0017Ellough AD Ltd
0027Emerald Biogas Limited
0011Euston Biogas Limited
0003Fairfield Bio Energy Limited
0006Fraddon Biogas Limited
0012Gorst Energy Limited (Ixora Energy)
0021Grissan Carrick Limited
0019Helmdon Blackpits Power Limited
0010Icknield Gas Limited
0001JV Energen LLP
0034North Moor AD (Rockscape Energy)
0022Northumbrian Water Limited
0032Peacehill Gas Limited
0024Pretoria Energy Company (Chittering) Ltd
0031Pretoria Energy Company (Mepal) Ltd
0029Producer 29
0008ReFood UK Limited
0037ReFood UK Ltd (Dagenham)
0016Riverside Bio Ltd
0030Rotherdale Farm
0026S&P Biogas Limited
0041Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Derby)
0039Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Roundhill)
0040Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Stoke Bardolph)
0038Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Strongford)
0004Severn Trent Water
0005Springhill AD
0013Sustainable Energy Generation (Ixora Energy)
0033United Utilities (Davyhulme)
0020Wessex Water Enterprises Limited
0014Wight Farm Energy LLP
0007Wyke Farms Ltd
0015Yelspa Ltd
Founder partners:
British Gas
Thames Water
Milton Keynes Council
National Grid
Bio Group
CNG Services Ltd