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  • GGCS April 2022 Market Update now available

    Our April 2022 Market Update is now available (you can download the PDF file below)...

    Posted: 18 May, 2022

  • GGCS calls for the renewables commitments to be met after supplier collapses

    GGCS pushes for renewables commitments to be considered in Supplier of Last Resort process. With over 1,000,000 households being impacted by the collapse of their energy supplier, GGCS has written to Ofgem to propose that renewable gas commitments are considered within the Supplier of Last Resort (SLOR) process...

    Posted: 2 February, 2022

  • GGCS named as Approved Certification Scheme for evidencing green gas supply

    Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) named as an Approved Certification Scheme for evidencing green gas supply within Green Gas Levy regulations; REA join GGCS in welcoming Green Gas Support Scheme, which will support increased biomethane injection into the gas grid; REA and GGCS have worked closely with BEIS to advocate for this support and inform the design of the GGSS on behalf of their...

    Posted: 29 November, 2021

  • GGCS 2020 Annual Report Released

    GGCS are pleased to release our 2020 annual report which is available to download here...

    Posted: 27 August, 2021

  • Reporting Green Gas Use

    While the GGCS cannot share details of companies that are purchasing RGGOs within our registry, we have recently seen two who have reported their biomethane use  - EY - search for "biogas" - Unilever (page 106) The GGCS provides a range of advice on reporting green gas use which can be found on our website here...

    Posted: 2 July, 2021

  • GGCS April 2021 Market Update now available

    Our April 2021 Market Update is now available (see further information below to download the PDF file) ...

    Posted: 3 June, 2021

  • Government announces details of the Green Gas Support Scheme

    Details of the new Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) have been released by the government, alongside information about the Green Gas Levy which will be used to fund the GGSS.  Pages 18, 15 and 26 contain details of their views on Guarantees of Origin for biomethane...

    Posted: 18 March, 2021

  • Green Gas exemption from the Green Gas Levy announced

    The government have released details of Green Gas Levy which will be paid by licensed gas suppliers from April 2022.  Full details can be seen the PDF attached to this news item (see below). Important for the green gas market is that suppliers who match between 95-100% of a households gas use to RGGOs will be expempt from the Levy...

    Posted: 18 March, 2021

  • GGCS Jan 2021 Market Update

    Our Jan 2021 Market Update is now available (see further information below) ...

    Posted: 5 February, 2021

  • GGCS 2019 Annual Report

    We are pleased to be publishing our 2019 Annual Report, containing key facts and figures about the green gas market and the operation of our Scheme during the year.  Introducing the report, Gaynor Hartnell, GGCS Oversight Panel Chair, said: "The last 12 months have seen climate change move up the political agenda which is most welcome...

    Posted: 1 June, 2020

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