Green Gas Certification Scheme Certificates

Once a licensed supplier registers a sale of gas to an end-use consumer , the GGCS IS system issues an electronic Green Gas Certificate in the consumer’s name. The Certificate is the guarantee of the authenticity and origin of the equivalent amount of green gas injected into the network as it cites the relevant range of RGGOs attached to it. The consumer, in making any claims concerning the green gas , whether for regulatory, commercial or other purposes, must back up the claim with the relevant RGGOs listed on the certificate. The certificate is also in pdf format and can be downloaded and printed.

A consumer may validate the authenticity of the certificate by registering the RGGO details and the pin number here.

If, three years after green gas has been registered on the system, there are any units that have not been sold to an end consumer, the scheme operator will notify the supplier or trader, and give them a further period of three months to register the gas as sold. If, at the end of this period, no registration has been received, the relevant RGGOs will be retired out of the system, and marked as unsold. 

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