An introduction to the Green Gas Certification Scheme

The GGCS provides an objective means of tracking the commercial transactions of biomethane ( or ‘green gas’) through the supply chain. It tracks the green gas from its injection into the gas distribution network and its sa le to a supplier or trader, through to when it is sold on to an end-use consumer. It is important to note that the GGCS tracks the contractual flows of green gas rather than the physical flows of green gas. Since each unit of green gas injected into the network displaces the need for a unit of conventional, or natural gas, the contracts are the only practical means of tracking the green gas from production to end use.

In this way, the GGCS is a reliable means of ensuring that there is no double-counting or double-selling of green gas. It eliminates from the green gas market the sorts of misleading claims that have characterised the ‘green’ electricity market for the past ten years.  The GGCS thereby promotes confidence in the wider energy sector and encourages green gas producers to inject their gas into the gas distribution network as an alternative to using it generate electricity.

Download: A leaflet about the Scheme can be downloaded here

Founder Partners and Associate Members:
British Gas
Thames Water
Milton Keynes Council
National Grid
CNG Services Ltd