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Learn more about our green gas producers

This page contains information on the green gas producers who are members of the Green Gas Certification Scheme and for whom we issue Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs).

In the table below you will see next to each producer their plant code, which appears in the unique identifiers that represent the RGGOs they generate.

Information is also provided on the fuel classifications of the feedstocks each producer is currently able to use under the Fuel and Measurement Sampling Questionnaire (FMSQ) they have agreed with Ofgem. 

Producers may not always use all of the feedstocks agreed within their FMSQ, for example they are able to use feedstocks that are wastes and products but they are currently only using waste feedstocks. Further details may be available directly from producers.

From time to time producers may agree changes to their FMSQ with Ofgem. For information about any historic changes to the fuel classifications of the feedstocks that a plant has made, see the map below.

Plant Name Plant Code Fuel classification(s) of feedstocks currently in use
AB Agri Ltd 0028 Residues and Wastes
Bay Farm Power Ltd 0026 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Beyside Limited 0071 Wastes
Bishops Cleeve Biogas Plant 0009 Wastes
Blaise Biogas Ltd 0073 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
Brinklow Biogas Ltd 0049 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Bromham Biogas Ltd 0057 Products/co-products and wastes
Burton Agnes Renewables Ltd 0035 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Cambridge Biopower Ltd 0083 Products/Co-product and Residues
Cannington Enterprises Ltd 0023 Products/co-products and wastes
Condate Biogas Ltd (Ixora Energy) 0025 Products/co-products and wastes
DBE Energy Ltd 0076 Wastes
DS Smith Paper Ltd 0059 Wastes
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water 0018 Wastes
Ebbsfleet Farm (St Nicholas Court Farm Ltd) 0078 Products/Co-product and Residues
Egmere Energy Limited 0090 Products/Co-products
Ellough AD Plant Ltd 0017 Products/co-products and residues
Emerald Biogas Ltd 0027 Wastes
Euston Biogas Ltd 0011 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Fairfield Bio Energy Ltd 0003 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Fairfields Farm Energy Ltd 0052 Products/co-products and wastes
Fraddon Biogas Ltd 0006 Products/co-products and wastes
Gascorp (Plaxton) Limited 0064 Wastes
Gorst Energy Ltd (Ixora Energy) 0012 Products/co-products and wastes
Grange Farm Energy Limited 0091 Products/Co-products
Gravel Pit Biogas Ltd 0060 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Green Create W2V Kent Limited 0069 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
Grissan Carnside Ltd 0044 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Grissan Carrick Ltd 0021 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Grissan Portside Ltd 0058 Wastes
GWE Biogas Ltd 0087 Products/Co-product and Wastes
Heath Farm Energy Ltd 0070 Products/Co-product and Residues
Helmdon Blackpits Power Ltd 0019 Products/co-products
Icknield Gas Ltd 0010 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Inchdairnie Renewable Energy Ltd 0054 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
JV Energen LLP 0001 Products/co-products and wastes
Keithick Biogas Ltd 0080 Products/Co-product and Residues
Lake District Biogas Ltd 0029 Residues
Lanes Farm Energy Ltd 0062 Products/co-products and wastes
Leeming Biogas Ltd 0061 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Manor Farm Green Energy Ltd 0051 Products/co-products
Merlin Renewables Ltd 0065 Products/Co-product
Murrow AD Plant Ltd 0068 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
North Moor AD (Rockscape Energy Ltd) 0034 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Northumbrian Water Ltd (Howdon) 0022 Wastes
Olleco 0036 Wastes, Residues
Oncoland Ltd 0067 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
Peacehill Gas Ltd 0032 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Pretoria Energy Company (Chittering) Ltd 0024 Products/co-products, Residues
Pretoria Energy Company (Mepal) Ltd 0031 Products/co-products
Raynham AD Plant 0046 Products/co-products and wastes
ReFood UK Limited 0008 Wastes
ReFood UK Ltd (Dagenham) 0037 Wastes
Ridge Road Energy Limited 0047 Biomethane from products/co-products, residues and wastes
Riverside AD 0042 Wastes
Riverside Bio Ltd 0016 Wastes and Residues
Rotherdale Farm 0030 Products/co-products
Savock Renewable Energy Ltd 0055 Products/Co-product, Residue, and Waste
Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Coleshill) 0081 Products/Co-products, Residues and Wastes
Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Derby) 0041 Products/Co-products, Residues and Wastes
Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Roundhill) 0039 Products/co-products and wastes
Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Stoke Bardolph) 0040 Products/co-products and residues
Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (Strongford) 0038 Wastes
Severn Trent Water Ltd (Minworth) 0004 Wastes
Sheppey Energy Ltd 0066 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
Springhill AD 0005 Products/co-products, Wastes
St Boswells Biogas Limited 0079 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
St Nicholas Court Farm Ltd 0077 Products/Co-product and Residues
STL Energy Ltd 0048 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Stracathro Renewable Energy Ltd 0053 Products/co-products and residues
Sustainable Energy Generation Ltd (Ixora Energy) 0013 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Tamside AD 0043 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Tornagrain Gas Mill Ltd 0050 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
United Utilities (Davyhulme) 0033 Wastes
Vulcan Renewables Limited 0089 Products/Co-Products
Wardley Biogas Ltd 0074 Products/Co-product, Residues and Wastes
Wessex Water Enterprises Ltd (GENeco Avonmouth) 0020 Wastes
Wessex Water Enterprises Ltd (GENeco Trowbridge) 0088 Wastes
Wight Farm Energy LLP 0014 Products/co-products and residues
Willand Biogas LLP 0045 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Wyke Farms Ltd 0007 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
Yelspa Ltd 0015 Products/co-products, residues and wastes
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