Certificate additionality

This certificate guarantees that, for the gas you’ve bought, an equivalent amount of green gas was injected into the grid by the producer named above by the process named above. This certificate guarantees that this green gas has not been ‘sold’ to any other consumer, and that it is registered as yours. You can check that the certificate is genuine and that the gas is registered in your name here:

The Government has provided the producer with a financial incentive known as the Renewable Heat Incentive to produce gas and inject it into the grid. This is to help meet its renewable energy targets. No additional green gas has been produced as a result of you buying this gas, and it's important you don't make any such claims on the strength of this certificate. If you need to provide proof that you've bought this gas, for example for regulatory or commercial purposes, you must back up your statement with the relevant RGGOs listed on the certificate.

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