Certificates for sale

Below is a list of suppliers that have certificates for sale and the amount of certificates they have.

The amount of certificates listed is the total volume of certificates that the supplier holds in their account. There is no guarantee that the total amount is available to buy and the supplier may be able to source more certificates. Consumers should contact the suppliers directly if they wish to purchase any certificates.

Supplier Amount
ACT Commodities B.V. 29742131 kWh
AFS Energy B.V 6130000 kWh
Axegaz S.A.S. 12649000 kWh
Barrow Shipping Limited 177613292 kWh
BP Gas Marketing Limited 0 kWh
British Gas Trading Ltd 0 kWh
Bulb Energy Ltd 0 kWh
Ceres Energy Ltd 0 kWh
Contract Natural Gas Limited 0 kWh
Corona Energy Retail 2 Limited 11476372 kWh
ENGIE Gas Limited 9572537 kWh
EON Energy Markets UK Ltd 3739032 kWh
Essent Sales Portfolio Management BV 102527 kWh
Gazprom Marketing and Trading Retail Limited 0 kWh
GO2-markets GmbH 21000 kWh
Good Energy Gas Ltd 0 kWh
Green Energy (UK) Plc 20201294 kWh
Hudson Energy Supply UK Limited 0 kWh
Natural Capital Partners Europe Limited 3512000 kWh
Neas Energy A/S 0 kWh
Npower Commercial Gas Limited 55055422 kWh
Olleco 0 kWh
OrangeGas BV 0 kWh
Orsted Sales (UK) Ltd 33577000 kWh
Regent Gas Ltd 60000 kWh
Renewable Energy Services B.V. 230206 kWh
SmartestEnergy Limited 0 kWh
Solarplicity Energy Ltd 0 kWh
South Pole Group 0 kWh
SSE Energy Supply Limited 0 kWh
STX Services B.V. 4998 kWh
The Renewable Energy Company Limited 0 kWh
Tonik Energy Ltd 300000 kWh
Total Gas & Power Limited 58092126 kWh
Wessex Water Enterprises Limited 0 kWh
Yelspa Ltd 0 kWh
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