Supplier information

Information on GGCS suppliers

Supplier accounts can have Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) transferred into them by producers and other supplier accounts, can transfer RGGOs to other supplier accounts and can sell RGGO’s to end-use consumers, generating Green Gas Certificates that name those consumers.

Below is a list of companies that operate GGCS supplier accounts. These companies may or may not hold gas supply licences in the UK. For more information about joining the GGCS and opening a supplier account see here.

If you are a GGCS member then you can view and share contact details with these companies via your account.

Name of Supplier Account Account Code
ACT Commodities B.V. S0003
AFS Energy B.V S0014
AitherCO2 S.p.A S0067
AXÈGAZ Trading & Technologies SAS S0009
Axpo Italia SpA S0058
Axpo Solutions AG S0061
Axpo Sverige AB S0060
Barrow Shipping Limited S0001
Bay Farm Power Ltd S0046
BP Gas Marketing Limited S0029
British Gas Trading Ltd S0036
Broad Energy Trading Ltd S0068
Bulb Energy Ltd S0012
Camelot Global B.V S0070
Centrica Energy Trading A/S S0033
Ceres Energy Ltd S0002
Contract Natural Gas Limited S0040
Co-operative Energy Ltd S0041
Corona Energy Retail 2 Limited S0011
Crown Gas and Power Ltd S0043
E.ON UK Energy Markets Limited S0006
EDT Trading Ltd S0054
ELOS (UK) Ltd S0064
Energy GB Trading under Prestige Business Services S0063
ENGIE Gas Limited S0008
Essent Sales Portfolio Management BV S0004
Gazprom Marketing and Trading Retail Limited S0021
GO2-markets GmbH S0022
Good Energy Gas Ltd S0018
Green Energy (UK) Plc S0019
Grissan Carrick Ltd S0055
Hudson Energy Supply UK Limited S0023
Inspired Energy Solutions Ltd S0052
Kingsbridge Capital Advisors Ltd S0066
Landwärme GmbH S0044
Little Oak Energy Ltd S0053
Natural Capital Partners Americas LLC S0027
Npower Commercial Gas Limited S0016
Nvalue AG S0057
Olleco S0031
Opus Energy Limited S0051
OrangeGas BV S0038
Orsted Sales (UK) Ltd S0010
Ovo Energy Ltd S0042
Regent Gas Ltd S0028
Renewable Energy Services B.V. S0017
Renewable Transport Fuel Services Ltd S0056
SCB & Associates Ltd S0059
Shell Energy Europe Ltd S0045
Shell Trading International Limited S0047
SmartestEnergy Limited S0039
South Pole Group S0034
SSE Energy Supply Limited S0035
STX Services B.V. S0007
The Renewable Energy Company Limited S0024
Tonik Energy Ltd S0026
Total Gas & Power Limited S0020
Wessex Water Enterprises Limited S0025
Yelspa Ltd S0013
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Thames Water
Milton Keynes Council
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Bio Group
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