European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR)

Information about ERGaR and the transfer of RGGOs between the GGCS and other participating registries

GGCS is a member of the ERGaR Certificate of Origin Scheme. The Scheme allows participating registries to transfer RGGOs and equivalent certificates between their registries. Current members of the Scheme are;

  • Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) - UK
  • Vertogas – NL

When Certificates of Origin are imported into the GGCS registry the biomass information labelling system in place in the country where they were issued may be used. Below is a short description of the labelling systems for the ERGaR CoO Scheme members and any other relevant information.

Vertogas – NL

Certificates within the Vertogas registry are labelled using the NTA8003:2017 list of individual biomass feedstocks. No information regarding the classification of these feedstocks as waste, residue or products is given. More information regarding the list can be found here. The list is published in Dutch and a unofficial translation has been used to label the RGGOs in the GGCS. Each biomass feedstock has a code e.g. 385, which can be used to link it back to the label in Dutch. For support in understanding the NTA8003:2017 labelling system we recommend contacting QS B.V who are a certification body in the Netherlands with extensive experience of applying this labelling methodology.

Vertogas are the national biomethane registry in the Netherlands, with a mandate from the Dutch government. Producers registered with Vertogas must provide third party verification of their data at the end of each financial year.  

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