Validate your certificate

Please use the boxes below to validate your certificate.

Each kWh of green gas injected onto the network displaces the need for a unit of conventional gas and is assigned a unique identifier which then follows the contractual journey of the green gas to the end consumer.

If you have purchased green gas from your supplier you will have been given an electronic or hard copy certificate. This certificate is proof of the authenticity and uniqueness of the gas. It tells you where, when and how the gas was produced.

To check that the certificate you have is genuine, key in the long unique identifier and the pin number on your certificate. Then click the ‘Validate’ tab. The system will check that the two match and will display the name to which those numbers have been registered. The unique identifiers can only be assigned to one consumer, and so this is your proof that the gas has only been sold once, and that it has been sold to you.

We just need the following information:

Why validate my certificate?

This system is very secure. The unique identifiers, also known as Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin, can only be assigned to one consumer as they relate to one single unit of green gas produced at an eligible plant and injected into the gas grid. Validating your certificate will give you added certainty that the certificate is genuine, and that the information it contains is correct.

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