Fees structure for Green Gas Certification Scheme

The GGCS is designed to be simple and low cost to operate.

The fees are set annually by the Oversight Panel composed of the Scheme participants and reflect the costs of running the Scheme. In reaching a decision, the Panel takes into account expected membership and RGGO retirement levels and the running costs of the GGCS.

Annual membership fee

Participants in the Scheme are required to pay an annual membership fee.

The annual membership fee for a Trader account is £500/year.

The annual membership fee for Producer account is £250/year with discounts when there are multiple plants and account being operated by the same company.

The Scheme may pro rata fees for those joining during a year and delay charging its fees during periods where plants are not operational.

RGGO Retirement Fee

Traders are required to pay a RGGO retirement fee of £0.000095/kWh for RGGOs they retire (equivalent to 9.5pence/MWh). This fee is calculated and invoiced each month.

RGGO Issuing Fee

There are no fees for issuing RGGOs

RGGO Transfer Fee

There are no fees for transferring RGGOs between accounts in the GGCS Registration Database.

RGGOs transferred to accounts in other biomethane registries e.g. DENA biogasregister, are retired from the GGCS system and the RGGO retirement fee is applied

Founder Partners and Associate Members:
British Gas
Thames Water
Milton Keynes Council
National Grid
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