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Survey for Biomethane Day 2016 shows 84% would like renewable gas at home

Posted: 11 April, 2016. Written by Green Gas

A new survey conducted for Biomethane Day 2016, has shown that 84% of people in the UK would like to switch to using green gas in their homes. 

Biomethane is a renewable gas, often called ‘green gas’, which can be made from energy crops, food waste, sewage sludges and or residues from food manufacture.

Biomethane Day 2016, organised by the Renewable Energy Association (REA) on 20 April, will show how the UK now leads the world in green gas production.  

In the UK, green gas injected into the gas grid has been used for industry and transport, but is now also available to domestic consumers in their homes. 

Dr Kiara Zennaro, head of REA Biogas said: “As well as making a real contribution to climate change and the circular economy, green gas also means that our central heating systems and our nationwide gas grid have a future in a renewable energy world.

“We’ve also seen major companies like Waitrose starting to use biomethane for transport, helping to decarbonise heavy goods vehicles.”

The UK’s Biomethane to Grid (BtG) market has matured into the fastest growing, most innovative and diverse BtG market in the world.  In just four years the UK has gone from one biomethane plant injecting gas into the gas grid, to 63 this March. This means annual biomethane production is around 3 TWh. 

Biomethane Day is organised by the REA. REA Biogas (, one of REA’s technology specific sector groups, is the established voice for the UK anaerobic digestion and biogas industry.

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