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Green Gas Webinar with Natural Capital Partners

Posted: 16 February, 2018. Written by Jesse Scharf

Integrating Green Gas Into Your Renewable Energy Strategy

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The market for green gas is developing fast and more than 1 terawatt hour of it has been consumed by businesses choosing to address their Scope 1 emissions with renewable power. But how are companies using green gas to help them achieve environmental goals such as 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality? And what is the outlook for green gas purchasing in Europe and beyond?

View this webinar to hear Siva Niranjan, Head of Environmental Sustainability at European information technology consultancy Sopra Steria Group, explain the decision to source biomethane (“green gas”) and what it is enabling the company to do in the context of its sustainability strategy. Jesse Scharf, Project Manager, Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) will present an update on the scheme and reflect on the outlook for a European green gas market.

Additionally, Natural Capital Partners’ Chief Product Officer, Oliver Crouch, will share the latest information on how companies can take advantage of this new market. The GGCS registry tracks the production of gas from landfill gas and anaerobic digestion facilities that inject green gas directly into the gas grid, as well as the sale and retirement of Green Gas Certificates. Global disclosure platform CDP recognises the purchase of green gas certificates as a credible means for businesses to report lower Scope 1 emissions and make 100% renewable gas claims.

Moderator: Rosie Helson, Marketing Manager, Natural Capital Partners Panellists: • Oliver Crouch, Chief Product Officer, Natural Capital Partners • Jesse Scharf, Project Manager, Green Gas Certification Scheme • Siva Niranjan, Head of Environmental Sustainability, Sopra Steria Group



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