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Green Gas exemption from the Green Gas Levy announced

Posted: 18 March, 2021. Written by Jesse Scharf

The government have released details of Green Gas Levy which will be paid by licensed gas suppliers from April 2022. 

Full details can be seen the PDF attached to this news item (see below). Important for the green gas market is that suppliers who match between 95-100% of a households gas use to RGGOs will be expempt from the Levy. 

The document states that "Green gas suppliers in this category will also be required to provide retrospective evidence of green gas supply in the form of retired green gas certificates by a specified date, after each scheme year ends"

We understand that further details around the process for presenting "reitred green gas certificates" will be forthcoming and we expect that Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) will be a recognised route. While the GGCS remains a “voluntary scheme” operating without a government mandate, this will be an significant recognition of the Scheme as a trusted method for evidencing green gas supply. 

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