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Government announces details of the Green Gas Support Scheme

Posted: 18 March, 2021. Written by Jesse Scharf

Details of the new Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) have been released by the government, alongside information about the Green Gas Levy which will be used to fund the GGSS. 

Pages 18, 15 and 26 contain details of their views on Guarantees of Origin for biomethane. 

They recognise the Green Gas Certification Scheme's suggestion during the consultation that encouraging the GoO market could support producers revenue streams, but state that there are no plans to link the GGSS to any changes in the current GoO set up. 

Page 25 and 26 note that they do not believe there is enough evidence that revenue from GoO "materially impact investment decisions" while they remain uncertain about the value of aligning the UK GoO set up with the EU as they are "not clear what the demand and supply balance is between the UK and the EU for certificates." 

They have stated that they will continue to monitor the market and we will be contacting relevant officials to offer our support in doing so. 

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