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DENA Data Breach

Posted: 1 March, 2024. Written by Jesse Scharf

GGCS is aware of a data breach at DENA ( who operate the German biogasregister ( along with a variety of other schemes and projects. 

Information about the cyber attack in November 2023 is here

A forma data security notice has now been published

More details are given here

  • GGCS note that the data breach was in DENAs systems and not of Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (GGCS Scheme Administrator)
  • We are drawing attention to the breach because it may effect members who have exported RGGOs to the DENA biogasregister via the ERGaR CoO Scheme
  • We note that RGGOs do not contain any personal information so there is no possibility that the personal information held by us has been exposed via DENA’s data breach
  • The security features of the GGCS registration database are described here -
  • We have considered the security features of the Grexel system (G-REX) as part of our tendering process and they are described here -



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