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Committee on Climate Change highlights role of green gas in reducting emissions from buildings

Posted: 3 July, 2017. Written by Jesse Scharf

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the statutory body that advises the Government on their progress towards carbon targets, released its ninth annual assessment last week. There was positive news on reductions to date (42% since 1990) but concern over the policy landscape that will keep the UK moving the right direction.

The report includes a target of 20TWh per annum of biomethane-to-grid by 2030, helping to support a 20% reduction in emissions from buildings. This a 16GWh increase from the appox. 4TWh currently built.

You can download the full CCC report here.

For background on the potential to reach 20TWh of biomethane-to-grid see the National Grid (Cadent) Future of Gas report here.

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