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2022 Annual Report Released

Posted: 18 July, 2023. Written by Boris Eremin

We are pleased to publish our annual report covering the activity of the Scheme in 2022 (available here).

Landmarks and achievements during the year include:

  • 4.4 TWh of RGGOs retired in a single year, the largest annual volume since GGCS was established.
  • Membership survey revealed a high level of satisfaction with the service we provide as a Scheme.
  • Contributing to the GHG Protocol Carbon Removals and Land Sector Initiative - Bioenergy Technical Working Group, advising UK Government on the RGGO market and how that supports additional biomethane production, and explaining the role of RGGOs in encouraging new renewable gas production to hydrogen policymakers.
  • Substantial number of new trader accounts were opened during the year, bringing the total to 98.

Please contact the Scheme Director, Jesse Scharf, with any questions or queries -

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