The Green Gas Certification Scheme

The Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) tracks biomethane, or ‘green gas’, through the supply chain to provide certainty for those that buy it.

Each unit of green gas injected into the grid displaces a unit of conventional gas. So the GGCS tracks each unit of green gas from its injection into the distribution grid, to any trades, to its sale to a consumer, or group of consumers. It tracks the contractual rather than physical flows to ensure there is no double-counting from production to end use.

The GGCS is run by the Renewable Energy Association’s subsidiary, Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd. GGCS participants oversee the way it is run, on a not-for-profit basis.


Latest News:

  • Biomethane highlighted in DfT's Freight Carbon Review

    The Department for Transport’s first Freight Carbon Review has reinforced the need to find alternatives to diesel and noted that biomethane has “significant potential to decarbonise the road freight sector in the short to medium term”. The report recognises the “considerable interest” from the transport industry and adds momentum to the push for biomethane to play a more prominent role in supporting UK air quality and emission targets...

    Posted: 21 March, 2017

  • Future Billing Methodology Consultation Open

    National Grid Gas Distribution has launched a consultation for the Future Billing Methodology project.  Future Billing Methodology is an innovation project to explore a range of different future options for gas billing. Find out more here...

    Posted: 3 March, 2017