The Green Gas Certification Scheme

The Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) tracks biomethane, or ‘green gas’, through the supply chain to provide certainty for those that buy it.

Each unit of green gas injected into the grid displaces a unit of conventional gas. So the GGCS tracks each unit of green gas from its injection into the distribution grid, to any trades, to its sale to a consumer, or group of consumers. It tracks the contractual rather than physical flows to ensure there is no double-counting from production to end use.

The GGCS is run by the Renewable Energy Association’s subsidiary, Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd. GGCS participants oversee the way it is run, on a not-for-profit basis.


Latest News:

  • Survey for Biomethane Day 2016 shows 84% would like renewable gas at home

    A new survey conducted for Biomethane Day 2016, has shown that 84% of people in the UK would like to switch to using green gas in their homes.  Biomethane is a renewable gas, often called ‘green gas’, which can be made from energy crops, food waste, sewage sludges and or residues from food manufacture. Biomethane Day 2016, organised by the Renewable Energy Association (REA) on 20 April, will show how the UK now leads the world in green gas production...

    Posted: 11 April, 2016

  • CNG Fuels and National Grid unveil first high pressure grid connected CNG filling station

    CNG Fuels, in partnership with National Grid, has unveiled a new state-of-the-art filling station in Leyland, Lancashire today, allowing vehicles to fill up on compressed natural gas (CNG), directly from the high-pressure local transmission system. Today’s unveiling saw the first major customer, Waitrose, part of the John Lewis Partnership, fill up at the new facility, as a fleet of branded HGVs rolled onto the forecourt. The new facility is the first of its kind in the UK and boasts a high-pressure connection, delivered by National Grid...

    Posted: 10 March, 2016